Why you shouldn’t buy essential oil candles

One of the most popular questions we get about our candle range is ‘do they contain essential oils’.

Many people think that candles containing essential oils offer a premium experience. We’re here to tell you – this is not the case.

Although essential oils can provide a whole range of benefits, here are a few reasons why burning them in a candle is not the best way to enjoy them.

They’re Toxic

Many essential oils are perfectly safe in skincare, or in humidifiers, but when burnt in a candle they can be toxic. To both humans and pets.

Inconsistent Quality

Essential oils are a natural product, meaning every single batch is slightly different. This means creating a consistently high-quality product can be difficult. This is exasperated in a candle when the usage of the oil is for the fragrance.

The throw of the fragrance can be hugely different with different batches of oils. In one batch it could be amazing, in the next it could be terrible. Even if using exactly the same quantity.

Oil is flammable

This sounds obvious, but oils are flammable. Burning wax that contains oil is not ideal. You are essentially putting a highly flammable substance near an open flame. Not a great combination.

What’s the alternative?

Every single one of our candles uses safe, high-quality, environmentally conscious and sustainable sourced fragrance oils. These oils are synthetic, meaning they are extremely consistent, perfectly safe to burn and can offer the same variety of scents as using essential oils.

Next time you purchase a candle, make sure to avoid those using essential oils.

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