Why custom hair care is better

Walking down the supermarket haircare aisle you will come across possibly hundreds of different types of haircare products. But not a single one is as perfect for you as a custom-made product. Here are some reasons to switch to a custom-made bar.

Just for you

It sounds obvious but it’s easy to forget – everyone’s hair and scalp are different.

Choosing to purchase a custom bar means you can easily create a perfect product for your head.

Your bar can be created to care for YOUR hair and scalp, for your hair density, thickness, and skin sensitivity. Using smells and ingredients that remedy any hair concerns you have.

Save time

Instead of browsing the aisle for the perfect product, you can simply create your own online. All it takes is a few clicks.

Supports Local

Many products on the shelf are made overseas. Going the custom bar route means that your hard-earned cash is being used to support a local business, using local manufacturing, supporting local people. Making your money work harder for your local economy and community.

It’s greener

When you invest in a special product just for you, you are more inclined to enjoy and care for it. Bars can last much longer than off-the-shelf liquid hair care, especially if you take care if it.

Bars are also much lower impact, they’re much lighter than liquid products, meaning they use less of a carbon footprint to post. And because they are made to order, there is very little wastage of product.

Not to mention they are zero-plastic!

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