What are the benefits of using a salt-based scrub?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so looking after our skin is super important.

Many ingredients can go into developing a body scrub.  We want a scrub that exfoliates, has skin-loving benefits that not only moisturise but smell amazing.

Let’s get down to it!

The right salt is mineral rich and full of benefits.

What are and why use exfoliants?

Basically, something that exfoliates has a coarse texture. We can use a fine or harsh texture, depending on its use, for example, we would use a more coarse exfoliant on our body than on our face.

Different exfoliants have different skin benefits. Sugar is natural and a fine exfoliant, but doesn’t do a whole lot but help remove dead skin cells. There is also ground pumice stone that is usually good in a heel or hand soap.

Then there are salts! Salts are a natural earth derived ingredient that comes with different textures and beneficial properties. Due to salt mineral content ( magnesium, calcium and potassium, and many more), it helps boost blood circulation and to restore our skin’s hydration abilities by absorbing grime, dirt, and toxins by getting deep into those pores of our skin.

Salts have anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe skin irritants and calm breakouts. Not kidding, salts are easily absorbed by our skin so this is how it benefits inflammation as it helps replenish lost minerals from everyday activities. YAY! And the best thing aesthetically speaking, salt can help reduce wrinkles!!!

Ha! And I bet you thought salt was just to use in the kitchen!! While I’m thinking of it, have you broken an egg and had a gooey mess on your bench or floor?  Try pouring some table salt over the mess, wait for it to absorb, then simply wipe up with some paper towel.  In another post, we will discuss how salts can be beneficial in other ways that you may not have thought of! 

Sorry off track for a minute there!  Ok, so types of salt. There are magnesium salts, Himalayan salts, Dead Sea salts, Celtic sea salts, and Epsom Salts, and more!

Is table salt good for our skin? Ahhh nope! Why? Simply put it has a different mineral content, the way it is processed has no skin benefits.  Without going into the history, and in-depth qualities of each salt, they all have some similar properties, but also have individual properties and benefits. When we combine some of these salt’s we get a multitude of benefits for our skin.

Why use Sea salts in our skincare?

  1. Sea Salts are transdermal and fantastic for exfoliation
  2. Stimulates circulation
  3. Assists with reducing swelling, roughness, irritations such as psoriasis and eczema, and generally itchy skin.
  4. Fights acne-causing bacteria
  5. Hydration
  6. Moisturizes and nourishes
  7. Replenishes and repairs our skin barrier function.  Restores our skins natural PH and balances our skin’s production of oils,
  8. Flushes toxins from our skin
  9. Is the next level of cleansing:
  10. Provides nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that we need for our skin to be clear, smooth, and healthy and improve and reduce the fine lines of aging

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