Top tips for reducing single-use plastic use

Going single-use plastic-free can feel unrealistic for most people, almost everything we use comes wrapped in single-use plastic. This plastic will be around long after we are, and we all know this.

The sad thing is, going single-use plastic-free can be a daunting prospect, as it means we have to completely change our buying habits. Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s a challenge! And it’s something we find so difficult too!

So we’re here to share our top tips that can help you make small, incremental changes that make a huge difference. Just implementing one of these things over your lifetime will drastically minimise the amount of plastic floating around our oceans or buried deep in the earth.

Top Tip #1

Enjoy the process of going plastic free

Giving yourself a new way of buying can be overwhelming, a great trick we have found is simply to have fun!

Get excited about the products you’re buying, because it’s likely that they’re going to be refillable and be around in your everyday life for some time. Plus they’re much more likely to be of much higher quality.

Many businesses who are trying to make more environmentally conscious choices try and do whatever they can to spend less on cheap packaging, and more on refills and high-quality ingredients.

So enjoy it! Find products you enjoy and that make you feel good.

Top Tip #2

Think Old School

Our grandparents and great grandparents simply didn’t grow up in a world where throwing everything away is normal, they saved everything to reuse.

Most of the products they used every day came wrapped in fabric or paper, or bottled in glass or in metal tins. Packaging was either reused (think about all the uses your Nana got out of biscuit tins!) or returned to where it was purchased from.

Shifting your mindset back to this time can help you figure out how and where to buy low environmentally impactful products.

Head to your local greengrocer with a wicker basket. Get yourself a soap cage. Switch to bars instead of bottles. If your Nana could do it, so can you.

Top Tip #3

Make small changes, every day

Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect, sometimes you just need to indulge in that chocolate bar wrapped in plastic! As much as we all wish manufacturers worldwide would make better choices for their packaging, we can only change what’s in your control.

So focus on the small changes you can make each and every day. This could be choosing a reusable facemask instead of a disposable one, or investing in reusable food bags so you can stop using so many of the plastic ones. Use a plate to cover your leftovers instead of cling wrap. Or find a chocolate bar wrapped in foil and paper instead of plastic.

Little change after little change soon adds up to a big impact!

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