The Benefits of Expanding Your Product Range with Private and White Label Products


In the thriving Australian small business landscape, distinguishing yourself from the competition can seem daunting. With the rise of e-commerce and retail stores, the competition has intensified. One strategy gaining popularity as an affordable and effective way to diversify a business’s product range is using private, white, and custom-label products[1].

Understanding Private and White Label Products

Private label products are those produced by a third party but sold under a retailer’s brand name[2]. Conversely, white-label products are manufactured by a third party but marketed and sold under the retailer’s brand, ensuring quality and consistency throughout the supply chain[3]. Custom-label products allow for more customisation and exclusivity in the product, similar to private-label ones[4].

Australian businesses have successfully leveraged these strategies. For instance, Sukin, an Australian skincare brand, expanded its product range using a private label strategy[5]. In contrast, Ecoya, an Australian home fragrance brand, utilised white-label products to broaden its offerings[6].

Having your own in-house brand can increase the feeling of exclusivity and luxury

The Advantages of Private and White Label Products

Expanding your product range with private, white, and custom-label products offers numerous benefits:

  • Increased brand visibility: Offering more products under your brand enhances exposure and recognition.
  • Improved customer retention: A broader product range encourages repeat business from loyal customers.
  • Enhanced profitability: Lower production costs lead to higher profit margins.

These products also help fill gaps in your product line or pave the way for entering new markets. For example, Grown Alchemist, an Australian grooming brand, effectively differentiated its label products while maintaining exceptional quality[7].

How to Successfully Incorporate Private and White Label Products into Your Business

Incorporating private, white, and custom-label products into your business involves several key steps:

  1. Identify a reliable supplier: Research to find a supplier that consistently delivers quality products.
  2. Design the branding: Ensure your branding aligns with your existing brand identity for consistency.
  3. Market your products effectively: Use targeted marketing strategies to reach your desired audience.

Overcoming challenges, such.// as maintaining product quality and differentiating from competitors, is crucial. For instance, Grown Alchemist maintained exceptional product quality while effectively differentiating their white-label products[7].

A line of products can really solidify your brand identity and market position

Economic Benefits of Private and White Label Products

Investing in private, white, and custom-label products can be cost-effective. These products can increase sales and customer retention, contributing to long-term business success[8].


Expanding your product range with private, white, and custom-label products offers myriad benefits, including growth potential and profitability. Australian small business owners should consider this strategy as they navigate the competitive landscape. So why wait? Explore your business’s private, white, and custom-label production options today!


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