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Classic Candles

These classic candles are a must have in every home.

We use only 100% soy wax and wooden wicks for our classic candle range.

Our candles have been hand-poured in stylish glassware and are available in two sizes.

Enjoy a little bit of luxury and ambiance every day!

Australian Made


Palm Oil Free


Cruelty Free

No Nasties

Large – Burn time is approx. 48hrs

Deluxe – Burn time is approx. 63hrs

Don’t forget to buy your refill so you can continue to enjoy our candles again and again.

Please ensure you read the warning label on the base of the candle.

Candle Care:

1. Allow your candle to burn until wax is completely melted to the edge of the vessel to create a wax memory.

2. Before relighting your candle trim your wick. Trimming the wick each time enables your candle to burn evenly and longer. For wood wicks trim the black burnt area of wick. Cotton wicks need to be trimmed to approx. 5mm.

3. Do not burn for more than 4hrs at a time and always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface, and extinguish with a snuffer.

4. Stop using your candle when the wax gets to approx. 2cm from the bottom to avoid the vessel getting too hot and cracking or creating a potential fire hazard.

5. Store your candles in a cool dry area.



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