3 tips to extend the life of your bars

Whether you have a bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner or moisturiser, these top tips will make them last much longer.

1.) Stop the splash

One of the best ways to stop any bar turning into a gelatinous mush is to protect it from getting soaked through. This may sound crazy, considering they’re used with water, but simply covering your bars up after use can drastically increase the amount of washes you can get out of your bar.

2.) Make sure they’re well-drained

Without proper drainage your bars will sit in moisture and get a gooey bottom. This means the bottom of the bar will melt away far more quickly than the top, and subsequently won’t last as long.

3.) Don’t let them dry out

Your bars are a bit like goldilocks, they like it not to wet, and not too dry. Allowing your bars to fully dry out between use can cause your bars to split and crack. They’re then quite unpleasant to use the next time you want to use it. Preventing this is easy, get one bar at a time and use it every time you wash.

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